Feli Arándano

INSTRUMENT: Guitar & Vox

Feli, the leader and main composer in Odio, decides to start this band at the beginning of 2016, recording a demo and looking up for players to get into recording what was the first production: “Depresión Posparto”.

Randall Jazz Chorus 120 and Laney amps with BC Rich guitar, Napalm Death Shirt, adidas pants and Rebook Twilightzone sneakers
Drummer with Dark K Cymbals and militar camouflage jacket

Rho Martínez


Skillful drummer, great in the control of his instrument. Rho, Musical Production is his profession, got along the lines of Odio as a session drummer in 2017, but in the end, he stayed to make tunes for this odd band.

Currently, he also plays in the Santiago band, Maiale Vif, Franko’s Inferno and Inyección Mutante.

Antaños J.

INSTRUMENT: Bass & Lapsteel

A solid multi-instrumentalist, Antaños, has a long trajectory in the local Underground Santiago scene, with a vast discography in different projects. He joined Odio in mid ’17.

Also play in other projects; Wild Parade, Los Fictions, Big Sur, Chino Santana.