Band Members

Feli Arándano
Instrument: Guitar & Vox

Feli, leader and main composer in Odio, decides to start this band at the beginnings of 2016, recording a demo and looking up for players to get into life the recently released “Depresi├│n Posparto”.

Randall Jazz Chorus 120 and Laney amps with BC Rich guitar, Napalm Death Shirt, adidas pants and Rebook Twilightzone sneakers
Drummer with Dark K Cymbals and militar camouflage jacket

Rho Mart├şnez
Instrument: Drums

Skilled drummer, great in the control of his instrument, Rho, Musical Producer of profession, got in the lines of Odio as a session drummer in 2017, but in the end he staid  to make tunes for this odd band.

Currently, he also plays in the Santiago band,  Maiale Vif.


Anta├▒os J.
Instrument: Bass & Lapsteel

Solid multi-instrumentalist, Anta├▒os, who has a long trajectory┬á in the┬á local Underground┬á Santiago scene joins Odio in mid ’17.

Also plays in other projects; Wild Parade, Los Fictions, Big Sur, Chino Santana.